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Warrior/Warriorette Home Workouts 2020 (4/29)

4/29 Athletic Enhancement Workout Substitute equipment where necessary. This workout is an important part of the puzzle. Take no days off! What can you do today to get better? Control the controllables. Use sidewalk chalk to draw ladders or find another substitute if you don’t own ladders. Have a younger sibling or adult do the

Warrior/Warriorette Home Workouts 2020 (4/28)

4/28 Lower Body Warm-Up: 30 Seconds Jumping Rope 15 Air Squat  Back Squat – 3×8 Power Clean – 3×18 Calf Raise – 3×25 Manual Neck – 3×10 Lunges – 3×25 Romanian Deadlift 3×10

Senior Spring Athlete Spotlight: Elle Fleenor

Today’s Senior Spring Athlete Spotlight is Elle Fleenor Her parents are Ryan & Beth Fleenor Activities: Tennis, Volleyball, Track & Field, Student Council, Drama Club, French Club, Class Treasurer, Newspaper, SADD, Sunshine Society, FFA, Tutoring, Pep Club, Scott County Youth Grantmaking Council, 4-H, Junior Leaders After graduation, Elle plans to attend Butler University and major in Marketing.

Home Sweet Home

The Scottsburg High School basketball programs have new, albeit familiar, faces going into the 2020-21 season. Carrie (Thompson) Daniels and Eric Richardson were both hired Tuesday night to be the new coaches for the Scottsburg Warriorettes and Scottsburg Warriors basketball programs, respectively. Both coaches bring with them extensive coaching experience in the college game as

Senior Spring Athlete Spotlight: Alyssa Stagnolia

Today’s Senior Spring Athlete Spotlight is Alyssa Stagnolia Her parents are Samara Ray & Jeff Baker  Activities: Basketball, Softball, FCA, Pep Club, National Honor Society After graduation, Alyssa plans to continue her softball & academic careers at Marian University and study to become a pediatrician.

Warrior/Warriorette Home Workouts 2020 (4/27)

4/27 Upper Body Warm-Up: 30 Seconds Jumping Rope 15 Push-Ups Bench Press – 3×8 Bicep Curls – 3×10 Skull Crushers – 3×10 Bent Over Row – 3×10 Alternating Dumbell Press – 3×10 Front/Lateral Raise – 3×10 Crunches – 3×25 Pull-Ups or Inverted Rows 3×10

Warrior/Warriorette Home Workouts 2020 (4/24)

4/24 Lower Body Warm-Up: 30 Seconds Jumping Rope 15 Air Squat Back Squat – 3×10 Hang Clean – 3×10 Calf Raise – 3×25 Manual Neck – 3×8 Lunges – 3×25 Romanian Deadlift 3×8

Senior Spring Athlete Spotlight: Gabriel Ovidio Vieira

Today’s Senior Spring Athlete Spotlight is Gabriel Ovidio Vieira Parents: Ariana Verdi Ovidio Vieira / Emerson Pedro Rauli Vieira Sports: Soccer, Swim, Track Future plans: Go to a public computer science college in Brazil.

Senior Spring Athlete Spotlight: Baylee Comer

Today’s Senior Spring Athlete Spotlight is Baylee Comer Parents: Larry and Jessica Comer Activities: Cross Country, Track and Field, school newspaper (The Booster), National Honor Society, Sunshine Society Future plans: Planning to attend the University of Indianapolis to double major in Archaeology and Anthropology.

IHSAA 2019-20 Athletic Physicals to Remain Valid for 2020-21

The IHSAA has announced that 2019-20 athletic physicals will remain valid for the 2020-21 school year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic during the 2019-20 school year and the continued stress on the medical community, the Indiana High School Athletic Association, Inc. will waive the provisions of Rule 3-10 for the 2020-21 school year.  Effective immediately,