Warriors and Warriorettes News · Athlete Registration is Now Available on EventLink

All Student Athletes at Scottsburg High School and Scottsburg Middle School are required to have a Pre-Participation Physical on file.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IHSAA has allowed physicals from the 2019-20 season to be valid for the 2020-21 season so long as the student also completes the 2020-21 IHSAA Health History Update Questionnaire.  Both SHS & SMS student athletes are required to fill this additional form out.  All student athletes must also complete the Scott 2 Waiver for Covid Re-Entry form.  If you plan on participating in any upcoming workouts on July 6th you must complete these forms along with all of the required Athletic Forms before you can participate.

EventLink has made this process easier to do by putting this in the EventLink Registrations section of your EventLink Community account.  For High School Athletes: When you login to your parent EventLink Community account select Scottsburg High School and then select EventLink Registrations from the top menu.  You may be prompted to Add A Student.  At this point you will add your student(s) in.  Once completed, click back on the EventLink Registrations from the top menu.  Once on the Registrations page, you will then select Athletic Registration Forms.  Once there you will see all required forms.  REMINDER: if they had an IHSAA Pre Participation Physical Form & PPE forms filled out last year, they can skip those forms.  If unsure, please contact your coach or the athletic department.  Once you select a form it will let you select your student (if you have previously registered a student for a camp, etc) or to Add New Student.  Once you have selected or added your student you will be taken to the form with that students info pre-filled leaving only the questions and signing portions ready to fill in.  For Middle School Athletes:  You will follow the same process, but you will need to change over to your Scottsburg Middle School EventLink account by selecting your name in the upper right hand corner and then selecting (or adding) Scottsburg Middle School.

If you only complete a couple forms and forget which ones you need to finish, just hover over EventLink Registrations in the top menu and select My Forms which will take you to a page showing forms you have completed.

Currently athlete registrations only works on desktop/laptop computers.  It is not currently supported for mobile devices!

Please contact Athletic Director Jamie Lowry at jlowry@scsd2.k12.in.us if you have any questions.